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Find out who we are, what we do and why Allianz Care is the leading provider of international health and wellbeing in the world.

Who we are and what we do

Allianz Care offers health, life and disability insurance and a range of health and protection services to employers and insurance partners worldwide.

Globally mobile individuals and families can choose from our wide range of international healthcare plans.

Making life simpler, easier and safer

“Globally, there are more business and lifestyle opportunities, digital advances and communication channels than ever before. There is also more concern about personal safety for those travelling or on assignment abroad, as threats are no longer predominantly confined to volatile countries.

As the world environment changes, so too are the needs of our clients, be they a large multinational, a small company, an intergovernmental organisation or a private family. Allianz Partners is addressing these needs, with its partners, through a greater range of support services, digital innovation and connectivity, making life simpler, easier and safer for clients”.

Ida Luka-Lognoné
Allianz Partners Board Member, CEO of International Health, CEO Europe 1, Middle East and Africa.

Allianz Care - Ida Luka-Lognoné, Chief Executive Officer
Allianz Worldwide Care Careers Staff

"Being customer-driven is all about delivering quality service, driven by empathy and a personal touch. Being consistent, efficient, clear and reliable is important."

Jamie Flood
Claims Team Leader

Allianz Worldwide Care careers specialist

"We communicate with international clients who have to face the absence of an employee because of an extended sick leave or worse... being customer-driven means showing genuine care and concern."

Joëlle Delavigne
Life and Disability Claims Manager

Allianz Worldwide Care careers specialist

"We consistently work on innovative solutions. The trust we build with our partners facilitates every step of our relationship. We are open-minded, we listen to our clients needs and we are experts, so they can rely on us."

Laurent Lacroix
Key Account Manager
IGO & NGO Sales Team

Allianz Worlwide Care- Rachel Obrien

"Customer driven to me means delivering on promises, making sure we meet their everyday needs and make them always feel that they are our priority."

Rachel O’Brien
Senior Administrator
Client Services

Quality service
Delivering on promises


We are always looking for enthusiastic team players to join our dynamic, growing company. We offer long-term career development, many opportunities for promotion and all the resources and support you need to reach your full potential.

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Award Winning Approach 

Allianz Care - about-us-landing-page-teaser-small-10 
Allianz Worldwide Care triumphs at global awards ceremony
Allianz Care - about-us-landing-page-teaser-small-12
Allianz Worldwide Care scoops Most Professional Insurance Supplier Award
Allianz Care - about-us-landing-page-teaser-small-2016 
Allianz Worldwide Care named ‘Best International Private Health Insurance Provider’

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