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This post explains the modular structure of our standard international health insurance plans, which allow individuals to choose the level of cover best suited to their needs and the needs of their family.

By Allianz Worldwide Care | October 9, 2015

Allianz Care - individual healthcare

Allianz Worldwide Care offers flexible cover solutions through a range of modular international health insurance plans. These plans allow an individual to choose the combination of cover that best suits their needs. Providing exceptional healthcare, wherever they are in the world.

How to create your international health insurance plan

Step 1. Select a Core Plan

Allianz Worldwide Care offers a choice of four Core Plans, each providing a different level of medical cover.

Core Plan Maximum plan benefit
Premier Individual €2,250,000
Club Individual €1,500,000
Classic Individual €1,125,000
Essential Individual €500,000

Core Plans cover a wide range of in-patient and day-care treatments as well as other benefits such as medical evacuation, nursing at home and rehabilitation treatment.

To reduce the cost of Core Plans, a Core Plan deductible can be selected and a discount will be applied to the premium.

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Step 2. Choose an Out-patient Plan

Once a Core Plan has been chosen, you can add an optional Out-patient Plan. Four Out-patient Plans are available, each offering different levels of reimbursements for Out-patient costs.

Out-patient Plan Maximum plan benefit
Gold Individual No Limit
Silver Individual €12,000
Bronze Individual €8,000
Crystal Individual €4,500

Out-patient Plans provide cover for ‘day to day’ or routine treatments such as visits to the doctor, diagnostic tests, vaccinations and specialist fees. Out-patient Plans can be purchased with any Allianz Worldwide Care Standard Core Plan, however they cannot be bought separately.

Providing a Core Plan deductible has not been chosen already, an Out-patient deductible may be chosen, thereby reducing the Out-patient premium.

Please note; it is not possible to choose both a Core Plan deductible and an Out-patient deductible.

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Step 3. Choose additional plans

In addition to Core and Out-patient Plans, cover can be further enhanced by choosing to add a Maternity Plan, Dental Plan or Repatriation Plan.

Maternity Plans

The optional Maternity Plans, provide cover for routine maternity and complications of childbirth.

There is a choice of two Maternity Plans, each providing a different level of cover.

Premier Maternity (can only be purchased with the Premier Individual Core Plan)

Club Maternity (can only be purchased with the Club Individual Core Plan)

Please note; an Out-patient Plan must be selected in conjunction with a Maternity Plan.

To compare Maternity Plans click here

Dental Plans

The optional Dental Plans, provide cover to help reduce dental healthcare bills. There is a choice of two plans, each providing a different level of cover.

Dental 1 (can only be purchased if both the Premier Individual Core Plan and Gold Individual Out-patient Plan have been selected)

Dental 2 (can be purchased with any Core Plan)

Please note; neither Dental Plan can be bought separately.

To compare Dental Plans click here

Repatriation Plan

This plan offers medical repatriation. This means that if the necessary treatment for which an individual is covered is not available locally, they can return to their home country for treatment, rather than to the nearest appropriate medical centre.

The Repatriation Plan can be purchased with any Allianz Worldwide Care Core Plan, however it cannot be bought separately.

To view Repatriation Plan benefits click here

Step 4. Choose your area of cover

Allianz Worldwide Care offers a choice of three different geographical areas of cover:

  • Worldwide

  • Worldwide excluding USA

Africa only

Consideration of area of cover required, offers an opportunity to reduce premiums. For example, choosing ‘Worldwide excluding USA’ instead of ‘Worldwide’ will decrease your premium significantly.

The flexible nature of Allianz Worldwide Care’s plans, mean they can be tailored to meet each individuals specific needs, making the right combination of cover for them and their families more financially accessible. 

To get a quote, visit international health insurance quote