Meet Elif, dog lover and care champion

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People are at the heart of what we do. So each month we want to introduce you to one of our Allianz Care Champions, the wonderful staff helping our customers across the globe every day. This month, meet Elif, dog lover and care champion.

By Allianz Care | April 22, 2019

Allianz Care - care champion

Meet Elif, a dog lover and Allianz Care champion. Elif has been a part of the Allianz team for
over two years and is absolutely smitten for man’s best friend.

As a Risk Officer, Elif is one of the crucial contacts when it comes to making decisions or
finding the best solutions for our customers. We sat down with Elif to find out more about her love for dogs and her life at Allianz Care.

How many dogs do you have at home?

I have a Golden Retriever called Opus Maximus or just Maximus for short. I got him eight
years ago when I was living in London and he is the love of my life.

Did Maximus spark your love for dogs?

It all started with him. Maximus has such a personality, sometimes I think he believes he’s a
human. When I’m eating dinner he’ll even get up and try to sit at the table with me. I bought him a little jumper with a unicorn on it that I’m dying for him to wear. How could you not love dogs after that?

Do you think your love for dogs helps you in other aspects of your life?

I think it teaches you what unconditional love is. Not only to give it but to see it too. Every
time I come home Maximus would be so excited, barking and just full of joy. It’s amazing
how having a pet teaches you what it means to care and to be loyal. Working somewhere
like Allianz Care that is all about the people, you definitely try to reflect those same values
every day.

What do you find most rewarding about your role in Allianz?

The scope of the work. With risk assessment, you can be working on anything from
strategies to management systems across Health and Life risk. The projects are so vast that
one day you could be working with Marketing & HR and the next you’re working with our
global medical network. It’s great to work with all our teams and help our customers make
the best decisions possible. With the constant changes in the global environment, there’s
always something new to work on and learn.

If you had to define Allianz Care in one word, what would it be?

It would have to be Family. The people, the company, it’s a really familial environment. All
the people I have worked with over the last few years are not only great colleagues but great people in general. We are all there for each other and our customers. There’s no better feeling than working together with colleagues you admire to help others.

Every month we’ll be introducing you to a new Allianz Care Champion. People are at the
heart of what we do and we think it’s important to showcase the wonderful staff who are here every day to help our thousands of customers across the globe.