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Looking for some insight into expat life?  Following a blog by an expat on the ground is a great way to understand the ups and downs of living and working abroad.

By Allianz Care | April 23, 2019

Allianz Care - expat blog

Following expat bloggers is a great way to get insight into living and working abroad. Many expats face similar challenges, and those who have chosen to share their experience online provide invaluable advice to those of us who may need it.

In this post, we will focus on blogs written by single expats or couples living and working abroad. If you are part of an expat family we have a separate list of blogs that will be more suitable for your unique needs.

No matter what point in your expat journey you are at, we think these blogs will provide you with useful information on expat living:

Drive on the Left

Drew and Julie describe themselves as ‘serial American expats’ who have lived in the UK but are now based in China. If you are an experienced expat living in Asia you will enjoy their insights on adjusting to life in China with information on everything from visas to food and healthcare. They also make the most of expat life, blogging about their regular vacations to destinations around the world.

Who is it for? Experienced expats

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What it covers: Expat experience, food and drink, China life, and UK life

Migrating Miss

A New Zealand native now living in Scotland (with many stops along the way). If you dream of living and working abroad but are not sure how to make it happen then Sonja’s blog contains lots of useful information. Not only does “Migrating Miss” offer her own insight into becoming an expat but she also interviews expats located all over the world. In these interviews, she discovers what inspired them to work abroad and finds out more about the countries they live in.

Who is it for? New expats or those planning to work abroad

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What it covers: Expat life, relationships, inspiration, and travel resources

Tieland to Thailand

Chang Mai in Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for digital nomads. Chris and Angela paid off their debts and left their corporate lives behind in their home country to teach English as a foreign language in Thailand.

Their blog covers all facets of Thai life from budgets and healthcare to travel hacks and teaching abroad. ‘Tieland to Thailand’ has detailed information on travel and things to do in all areas of the country.

Who is it for? Digital nomads, expats in South-East Asia

What it covers: Expat life, inspiration, travel resources, guides to Thailand, and preparing to move

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Blue Abaya

Laura is a Finnish expat blogging from Saudi Arabia where she began working as a nurse in 2008. This fascinating blog is a valuable guide for expats planning to live and work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

This blog uncovers the colourful culture and beautiful landscapes of a place often shrouded in mystery. This expat blog is particularly useful for women in Saudi Arabia as it covers topics like ‘how to apply for a drivers licence (for women)’ and many posts explain the cultural restrictions and laws that may impact you.

Who is it for? Those planning to work in Saudi Arabia

What it covers: Guides to KSA, city guides to Riyadh, tips for exploring KSA, culture, and awareness campaigns

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An award winning blog by a UK expat and freelance writer living in Singapore. The author has a passion for Singapore and food. She has published a fusion cookbook containing traditional and western recipes with the intention of appealing to the large expat population in Singapore. Away from food, Changmoh focuses on fashion and travel and some other niche topics like tech, local issues and homewares. It’s perfect if you are settled in Singapore.     

Who is it for? Expats in Singapore

What it covers: Food, fashion, health and fitness, travel, and local issues

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Almost all expat bloggers cover health and healthcare in their country of residence because accessing quality healthcare is such an important part of expat life.

If you are planning to live and work abroad this year, don’t forget to look after your health and wellbeing with expat health insurance.