International Healthcare Plans for Employers

Created for corporate groups and international organisations of all sizes, our standard international healthcare plans include cover for a wide range of in-patient and day-care treatments as well as a range of other benefits.

Core plans

Our five core plans are designed to cover your staff for the more expensive medical costs associated with in-patient treatment, along with rehabilitation treatment, out-patient surgery, nursing at home, routine maternity, medical evacuation, EAP and Travel Security Services.

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Out-patient plans

Our four out-patient plans offer cover for day-to-day and routine treatments such as visits to a doctor, vaccinations, prescription drugs and physiotherapy.

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Dental plans

Choose from two dental plans to help reduce your staff’s dental healthcare bills.

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Repatriation plan

This plan offers medical repatriation, which means that if the necessary treatment for which a member is covered is not available locally, they can opt to return to their home country for treatment, rather than to the nearest appropriate medical centre.

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Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Confidential and professional 24/7 multilingual support service that can help you and your dependants address a wide range of life issues and challenges.

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Travel Security Services

As the world continues to witness an increase in security threats, we have partnered with WorldAware (formerly Red24®), to provide services that enable you to manage your personal risk conveniently and effectively.

Employee Benefit Guide

Download the Employee Benefit Guide, which covers the standard benefits and rules of the policy, including:

  • Member services
  • Explanation of benefits and cover
  • Policy exclusions and limitations
  • Policy definitions
  • How to request pre-authorisation of certain treatments
  • How to claim
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