GlobalPass Choice - Global medical cover for Latin America

Health cover for Latin America and the Caribbean

Our GlobalPass Choice healthcare plans are specifically designed for clients with staff living and working in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Please note these plans can be bought with Worldwide cover (which provides cover anywhere in the world), or with Latin America and the Caribbean cover (applicable to these two regions only).

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Company Choice: 1

Overall maximum plan benefit limit: US$9,000,000
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Core plan

Full refund on a large range of in-patient and other benefits, subject to the overall maximum plan benefit limit.

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Out-patient plan

Cover for a range of benefits including doctors' fees, prescription drugs and diagnostic tests, subject to benefit limits.

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Optional dental cover

50% - 80% refund on a range of dental benefits including dental surgery, periodontics and orthodontics, subject to the maximum plan benefit limit.

Company Choice: 2

Overall maximum plan benefit limit: US$7,000,000
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Core plan

Full refund on a large range of in-patient and other benefits, subject to the overall maximum plan benefit limit.


Setting up small, medium and large corporate schemes is our forte and we know that having a well established and tested implementation process is particularly important when it comes to the requirements of large groups.

Firstly, we assign each scheme to our Group Management Centre, which is responsible for the successful implementation and management of the account. Once we have gained a full understanding of your requirements, the details of plan design, premium structure, contract documentation, invoicing and the process for contract sign-off is discussed and agreed.

An implementation plan is then drawn up to ensure that the deadlines for the key implementation milestones are achieved. This plan includes the training of our staff across the business to ensure they are familiar with the details of the client agreement and that high levels of service are maintained.

Once the product and group information is set up on our system, the member data can be input and contract documents issued, via email or post. Our Helpline Team can guide and advise members through the transition from one provider to another and can offer guidance and support to members who could be mid-treatment.

Following successful implementation, the Group Management Centre can be consulted at any time for administration queries via email, phone, fax, post and if necessary, through regular conference calls.

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