International Healthcare for Qatar

International healthcare plans for Qatar

For employers with staff based in Qatar, there is a choice of two plans:

  • International Healthcare Plans for Qatar (Reimbursement)
  • International Healthcare Plans for Qatar (Direct Settlement)

The plans are available in US dollars and Qatari Riyals. Groups of 10 staff or more can opt for direct settlement plans, where the cost of eligible treatment is paid directly by the insurer. Groups of 3 to 9 staff can avail of standard reimbursement plans, where the cost of eligible outpatient and dental treatment is paid by the member before being claimed back from us.

Allianz Partners is authorized in Qatar by the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority. Sales support to potential clients is offered through our branch office in Doha. The office also provides brokers with a local point of contact.

Like further details?

To find out more about our Qatar plans, please contact Paul Halfyear. Alternatively, you can request a quote from our Corporate Sales Team.

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Table of Benefits

To learn more about the healthcare plans available in this region please download the appropriate Table of Benefits:

Direct Settlement


Benefit Guide

For details on our full Terms and Conditions, download the applicable Benefit Guide:

Direct Settlement


Hospital networks

Groups are offered access to a comprehensive, market-leading network of hospitals, clinics, dental clinics, optical stores and pharmacies in Qatar. Using the network, members have the opportunity to access medical treatment on a direct settlement basis.

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