International healthcare solutions for your employees in Russia

The Russian Plans, created in partnership with Allianz Russia offer a selection of Core Plans, covering a wide range of in-patient and day-care treatments as well as other benefits such as medical evacuation, child preventative care, local ambulance services and nursing at home.

These Core Plans can be supplemented by a choice of Out-patient, Dental and Repatriation Plans and we offer direct billing in Russia across all plans.

The right solution for expats and local nationals living in Russia

Allianz Care - A single supplier solution

A single supplier solution

Our healthcare plans are provided, monitored and managed directly by Allianz

Allianz Care - Flexible, modular plan design

Flexible, modular plan design

This means cover can be adapted to suit a range of different budgets

Allianz Care - Healthcare solutions

Healthcare solutions

To support international mobility

Allianz Care - Out-patient plans

Out-patient plans

Comprehensive cover for
Out-patient plans
(full refund for specialist fees and diagnostic tests, generous cover for alternative treatment and physiotherapy)

Allianz Care - Care


Healthline services, home visits, private ambulances and appointment bookings

Allianz Care - Provider network

Provider network

Comprehensive global medical provider network

   + More benefits:

  • Extensive child preventive care cover
  • Effective, proven cost containment and fraud prevention methods
  • One of the most comprehensive oncology benefits on the market
  • Access to in-patient and out-patient treatment on a cashless basis
  • Health and wellbeing benefits

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Want to know more?

To learn more about International Healthcare Plans for Russia, please download the Table of Benefits and Employee Benefit Guide.

For further details on our range of products for employers, please contact us:

Phone:   +7 495 232 0100

Reasons to choose Allianz

Allianz Care - Choose your doctor
Allianz Care - Cashless access to hospital treatment
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Members area

Please find below the forms you need to claim and other useful services provided under your international healthcare insurance:

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Provider network

Inside Russia

We have direct settlement agreements in place with a wide range of clinics in Russia that provide access to treatment on cashless basis. For our list of network providers in Russia, please call +7 495 956 2900.

Outside Russia

If your seeking treatment outside of Russia, please use our Provider Finder.

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Pre-authorisation Form

Your Table of Benefits will indicate what treatments are subject to pre-authorisation. Usually these are in-patient and high cost treatments. The pre-authorisation process helps us to assess each case and organise everything with the hospital.

  • Pre-authorisation process inside Russia:

For treatment in Russia, simply call +7 495 956 2900 and obtain pre-authorisation over the phone.

  • Pre-authorisation process outside Russia:

Outside Russia please download and complete the pre-authorisation form below and return it to us.

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Claiming your out-patient, dental and other expenses

If your treatment does not require pre-authorization or if you choose a provider outside of our network, just pay the bill and claim the expenses from us. In this case, simply claim back your eligible cost via our MyHealth app . Alternatively, download and complete the Claim Form below and return it to us :

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Our Helpline is available 24/7 to handle your day-to-day policy enquiries  and support you during emergencies.

Inside Russia: +7 495 956 2900

Outside Russia: +353 1 907 5951

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