International Healthcare for UAE

Healthcare plans for the UAE

The following plans are available to employers with staff based in the UAE:

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International Healthcare Plans for the UAE

Standard plans developed for employees located in the UAE (excluding Dubai and Abu Dhabi).

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International Healthcare Plans for Abu Dhabi

Locally compliant plans specifically designed for employees based in Abu Dhabi.

Please note that the above policies are sold in US dollars ($) only. A range of options is available in relation to geographical cover and benefits.

These International Healthcare Plans for the UAE are sold by our regional partner Orient Insurance while clients are supported by a local Dubai operational and sales support office. This local office provides helpline, client services, claims and medical services support and also provides brokers with a local point of contact. Please note that NEXtCARE is the third party administrator for the Abu Dhabi plans.

Like further details?

To find out more about our United Arab Emirates plans, please contact Cheryl Beattie or Patrick Lawlor. Alternatively, you can request a quote from our Corporate Sales Team.

Table of Benefits

To learn more about the International Healthcare Plans available in this region please download the appropriate Table of Benefits below:

Plans for UAE

(excl. Dubai and Abu Dhabi)

Plans for Abu Dhabi

Benefit Guide

For the full Terms and Conditions, download the relevant Benefit Guide:

Direct Settlement

(Applies to Plans for the UAE)


(Applies to Plans for the UAE, excluding Dubai and Abu Dhabi)

Direct Settlement

(Applies to Plans for Abu Dhabi only)

Hospital Networks in the UAE

Groups that choose one of the Direct Settlement Plans will have access to a complete network of medical providers based in the UAE.

Groups with a Direct Settlement Plan for the UAE (excluding Abu Dhabi) have the choice of three hospital networks:


Standard Network users can access all of the medical providers in the Standard Plus Network except for the Dubai based Welcare Hospital and the City Hospital.

Standard Plus

Standard Plus Network users can access all of the medical providers in the Comprehensive Network except the Dubai based American Hospital.


Comprehensive Network users can access all medical providers.

Network Options - Direct Settlement Plan for Abu Dhabi

The hospital network(s) available to groups with a Direct Settlement Plan for Abu Dhabi will depend on the Core Plan selected:

  • Groups with an AD Direct Plus Core Plan can choose between the “General Plus Network including SEHA Providers” (GN+ incl. SEHA), the “General Plus Network” (GN+) or the “General Network” (GN).
  • Groups that choose the AD Direct Core Plan have access to the “General Network” (GN).
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