Administration Services International Healthcare

Allianz Care can administer a range of global insurance risks, including health, life, disability and Global Health and Protection Services.

The international healthcare administration services offered include:

  • Issuing policy documents in multiple languages
  • Medical case management
  • Handling claims
  • 24/7 multilingual Helpline support
  • Access to a relationship management support team for large groups

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Digital services

We continually invest in market leading digital solutions and support services to make life easier for our clients and so there are a range of online services available for Group Scheme Managers and their staff.

Group Scheme Managers can use Online Services to view plan benefits, manage multiple groups, add staff or family members to the group scheme and run membership reports.

Staff can use the secure online portal to check the status of their medical claims and remaining benefit limits on their healthcare cover. Via our MyHealth app they can submit medical claims faster and easier than ever before. 90% of fully completed medical claims are processed by us within 48 hours.

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Cost containment

When it comes to healthcare administration, it is critical to have robust cost containment processes in place, to help contain the cost of medical care. This is managed through pre-authorisation of in-patient treatment, fraud prevention and strong medical provider network relationships.

We also have the freedom to choose from amongst our air ambulance partners, on a case-by-case basis, after considering what they can each offer in terms of medical requirements/equipment, proximity to the patient and cost.

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Medical provider network

We offer access to a growing network of over 850,000 medical providers, one of the largest medical networks in the world.

Plus, our team of in-house doctors and nurses are on hand to oversee all in-patient treatment and emergency medical evacuations.