Treatment Eligibility

What to do when a member seeks treatment

All our members and their dependants receive a personalised Membership Card.

Please check the details on the Membership Card presented against the member’s Passport or Identity Card.

You can verify membership and treatment eligibility in one of two ways:

1. By calling our 24/7 Helpline. You will need to have the patient’s name, date of birth and policy number to hand.

Our Helpline can provide details about:

  • Validity of the policy and member
  • Whether a specific treatment or procedure is covered
  • Any applicable limits, co-payments or deductibles
  • The status of your claim or batch claim

2. By logging in to our Online Services with the username and password provided to you. If you have not received this information, please contact the Provider Services team.

Allianz Care - membership-card-front-en
Front of membership card

For providers based in the USA

Please call the number on the back of the membership card to verify eligibility, or contact our Helpline.

Allianz Care - membership-card-back-en
Back of membership card