Insurance partners

Information, sales contacts and resources for intermediaries, MGUs, administrators, insurers and bank insurers.

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We recognise the important role that you play in the provision of expert, comprehensive advice on international healthcare. Would you like to know about the benefits of registering with us?

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MGUs & administrators

We have the flexibility to be able to work with multiple partners, to find the perfect solution for clients.

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Insurers & bank insurers

With our wide range of insurance products and corporate assistance services, insurers and bank insurers have the opportunity to expand and differentiate their offering while providing clients with even more value.

Get a quote

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For employers

Intermediaries looking for a quote for a group client can:

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For individuals, families or students

Intermediaries looking for international healthcare cover for individuals, families or students can:

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For MGUs, administrators, insurers and bank Insurers

MGUs, administrators, insurers and bank insurers can call our Partnership & Affinity Group team anytime.

Individual products

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We have a range of world-class individual and family healthcare plans for people who live, work or study abroad.

  • International healthcare plans
  • Regional healthcare plans
  • Supplementary healthcare for employees of European institutions

Organisation products and services

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Groups of all sizes can choose from a range of international health, life and disability insurance and a wide range of health and protection services

  • International health insurance
  • Regional health insurance
  • Seafarer health insurance
  • Life & disability insurance
  • Global health & protection services
  • Short term plans for medical emergencies
  • Administration services only
Allianz Worldwide Care testimonial

"This is a thank you email for the excellent customer service and the pro activeness of the people who answer the phone on behalf of Allianz Care. I feel like I talk to a human being every time I call.”

Sofia, Portugal
Group Scheme Member

International Health Insurance for couples

"Each day in the hospital we’re being asked for the latest insurance updates and we can always provide the necessary answers. Thank you so much for fantastic support in a situation that is very stressful for me and my wife."

Axel Fritzke
Group Scheme Member

International Health Insurance for families

"I would like to say how grateful I am that I was covered by Allianz; if I did not have this insurance it’s more than likely to have been a very different outcome for myself and my baby... I am truly grateful."

Emily Gumb, Thailand
Group Scheme Member

Fantastic support
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Insurance partner support

Local and international intermediaries can access a range of resources, including:

  • Registered intermediaries can request our logo
  • Checklist for tenders
  • Preliminary underwriting enquiry form
  • FAQs