International health insurance or travel insurance?

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International Health Insurance

Travel Insurance

For living abroad for 1 year or more For holidays and short business trips
Global geographic cover

Destination country only 

Emergency medical cover**
** Once the acute episode or ‘flare up’ has been stabilized, and you are well enough to be discharged, any outstanding medical care, surgery etc. is not usually covered unless you have international health insurance or healthcare cover back at home. 

Comprehensive healthcare
Private specialist treatment
Regular medical check-ups
Dental and Optical
Congenital conditions
Chronic conditions
Pre-existing conditions
Cancer Treatment
Choose treatment country
Choose prefered practitioner
Choose prefered facility
Medical coverage depends on level of cover you choose, compare all benefits here.

Cover duration 1 Year Duration of the trip only
Non-medical travel benefits
This table is designed for illustrative purposes to provide a typical comparison between International Health Insurance and Travel Insurance. We recommend refer your policy documents for full details of your cover.

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