Employer Support

Everything you need to manage your organisation’s policies and support services from wherever you are.

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Online services

Use our online services to view group scheme details, view Table(s) of Benefits and Benefit Guide(s), manage staff policies, compose and download membership reports and manage your contact details.

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Global health & protection services

If you have staff working and travelling abroad, we offer a range of services including standard medical assistance, medical site surveys and the establishment and staffing of clinics in remote regions.

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We will work with you to provide your staff with cover and assistance services based on your organisation’s needs.

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Guide to evacuation and repatriation

Allianz Partners manages rapid response medical evacuation and repatriation services, even from the most remote locations. Here are the things you need to know.

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Cost containment practices

We have implemented a number of processes to ensure that the cost of medical care is managed appropriately.

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Underwritten group applications

Soft copy membership pack

Our soft copy membership pack option provides a faster, greener service.

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Allianz Partners Overview

For an overview of our approach, products and services.

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Life and Disability

Find out more about our life and disability insurance.

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Got questions?

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Treatment provider finder

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Find hospitals, doctors & health practitioners

Use this directory to find hospitals, doctors and health practitioners worldwide.


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