International health insurance
for established families

Are you a  family who needs international health
insurance while living and working overseas?

Family mix and match of plans

Ensure your family's medical needs are met, with our flexible and affordable international health insurance plans.

We love looking after families at Allianz Care and we know that small details can make a big difference. That’s the idea behind our family mix and match of plans. All our plans are designed to give you the best level of health cover and our mix and match allows each person in your family to have the right level of cover suited to their needs.

How does it work?

For example, in a family of four, parents can choose our Classic plan and their two children can choose our Essential plan, making the overall cost for you much more affordable.

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Classic plan
Level of cover ....

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Essential plan
Level of cover ....

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Right level of cover much more affordable

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Classic plan benefits:

Maximum Plan Benefit



  • Private room
  • In patient / Day-care
  • Medical evacuation
  • Emergency outpatient treatment
  • Oncology


  • Outpatient plan
  • Dental plan
  • Repatriation plan

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MyHealth App

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Say goodbye to paper. With our app, your policy documents are in your pocket at all times. So you can check your cover when you need to and present your membership card. Even offline.

  • Submit your claims
  • Policy documents in your pocket
  • Find a hospital
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Health Assistant
  • Secure and simple access


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What our clients say:

"Our first priority is to stay healthy and not be involved in any accidents, but, should we end up needing medical care, we feel safe with Allianz Care.”

Charles A. Wroth

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