Allianz Partners Healthcare Plan for European Institutions Trainees

Please note that this webpage and associated documents are available in English only. 

The Allianz Partners Healthcare Plan for European Institutions Trainees is a comprehensive insurance solution designed specifically for European Institutions Trainees. Covering a range of in-patient and out-patient treatments, our plan offers peace of mind for you worldwide.
Full details of the European Institutions Trainees Healthcare Plan can be found below.

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Treatment Guarantee

Some treatments/benefits require pre-authorisation through submission of a Treatment Guarantee Form. Following approval by Allianz Partners, cover for these costs can then be guaranteed.

Use of Treatment Guarantee Form helps us to, assess each case and facilitate direct settlement with the hospital allowing you to concentrate on getting better.


The Claim Form should be completed and returned to us if you are seeking reimbursement of out-patient/dental expenses (please note that a dental cost estimate form is required prior to any dental treatment)

Applying for cover if group membership ends

If your cover under the European Institutions comes to an end, you can apply for an extension of cover. The application must be submitted within one month of leaving the group scheme. The commencement date will be the first day after leaving the group scheme.

For more information please contact our IGO team by email by email: or by phone on: +32 2 210 6501.

FAQ European Institutions Trainees 

How do I apply for my insurance if I want to take out cover with Allianz Care when I start my training with the European Union?

You can opt to take out the health insurance solution developed for Eurotrainees with Allianz Care through your traineeship office, if your traineeship office does not provide mandatory insurance with us.  

Do I receive a policy number and an Allianz card when I join the insurance via the traineeship office?

No, you don’t. Please note that when you take out cover you only receive your information letter with a peel off card from your traineeship office.

Your policy number will be created upon receipt of your first claim. Your first claim can be sent  via email, post or fax.

Your policy number will be communicated to you  after submission of your first claim settlement with the claim settlement information.

You can avail of our MyHealth app to submit any claims once you have sent us your first claim. This is available to download from both the App Store and Google Play.

What does my cover provide?

You may find the details in your Table of Benefits.

Is it possible to continue my cover after my training ends? What is the cost and maximum length of the policy?

Yes, it is possible. When your cover comes to an end, you can apply for an extension of cover for a maximum of 12 months. By paying a monthly premium of approximately 44.65 EUR, you will remain insured under the same conditions.

The application to continue your cover must be submitted at the latest one month after the end of your traineeship.

The commencement date of your cover will be the first day following the end of your internship. Please send your application to:  

If I take out cover with Allianz Care, what do I need to know?

Please note that all information about the EC Trainees medical plan is available on this page.

If you have specific queries, you can contact our Helpline 24/7 at + 32 2 210 6501.

What do I do and what do I have to know if I am going to have planned in-patient treatment?

 Download a Treatment Guarantee Form vailable on this page.

Send the completed form to us at least five working days before treatment, by:

  • Scan and email to:

  • Fax to: + 32 2 210 6597 or post to the address shown on the form.

  • Our Helpline can take Treatment Guarantee Form details over the phone if treatment is taking place within 72 hours.

How do I submit my claims?

Please send your fully completed Claim Form(s) with invoices/receipts as follows:

By email to: , fax to: + 32 2 210 6598 or by post to: Claims Department, Allianz Care, Place du Samedi 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

If I have any questions on my cover or policy who do I contact?

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our 24/7 Helpline is available  for general enquiries and emergency assistance.


Telephone: + 32 2 210 6501

Fax: + 32 2 210 6506

Can I add my dependants to the plan?

Please note that it is possible to have dependant added to your medical insurance. This should be communicated to Allianz Care when completing the form you received prior to the start of your internship. For any questions in relation to this matter, please check first with the Traineeship office.

Can I obtain an insurance cert for my policy and who will this be issued by?

If you require an insurance cert for your insurance policy with us, please contact our IGO team at the following address:  

We kindly ask that you indicate your name, surname, date of birth and institution when contacting us.

If I have local medical insurance in my home country, is it beneficial to take out an additional cover with Allianz Care?

Yes, by taking out cover with us you may avail of a supplementary cover to your local policy with a wider benefit range. For full details, please refer to the Table of Benefits and Member Guide on our website.

Can I choose to have treatment with any provider within my region of cover?

Yes, you have freedom of choice when selecting a medical provider for any treatment you may require as per our Terms and Conditions and as long these are reasonable and customary costs.

Click here to find a provider.

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Health Guides

Our health and wellness guides are provided to help educate our members and their families on common health issues. 

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