Are you leaving a company
health insurance scheme?

Allianz Partners  offer a great option for employees
to continue their cover with us to suit their healthcare
needs while they live abroad.

4 reasons why you should continue cover with Allianz Partners

We offer a great option for employees to continue their cover with us to suit their healthcare needs. You can choose from a variety of new benefits to suit your needs with no new waiting periods and get the first month free. 

Applications will have full medical underwriting+. 

All or most pre-existing conditions will be covered, unless advised by us in writing++.

  • First month free

  • No new waiting periods
  • Easy transition

  • Dedicated group leaver team

On our private International healthcare plans, you will still enjoy many of the same benefits to which you were entitled as a Group member. 

Applications need to be received within 30 days of the previous cover ceasing.

Everyone is different, so we recommend you speak with our dedicated group leaver team to discuss the available plans.

+353 1 514 8406

  1. Offer period extended to 01/04/2018.
  2. Terms & conditions apply. Allianz reserves the right to cancel or amend these terms and conditions without notice.
  3. The cover provided by Allianz Partners is not a substitute for local compulsory health insurance e.g. for members resident in Germany, our cover is not a legally appropriate substitute for German compulsory health insurance.
  4. This is a promotional document only. Cover is subject to our policy terms and conditions as set out in our Individual Benefit Guide. This Individual Benefit Guide can be downloaded from our website.

+ This process involves an evaluation of your medical history to determine our offer of acceptance terms

++When the underwriting process is completed we will advise you in writing of our acceptance terms and any changes to the premium quoted