Policy Search Screen User Guide

Policy Search Screen

Under the Policy Search screen you now have the option to use either a Basic Search or an Advanced Search.

Basic Search

Here you may search either by policy number or by employee ID – use the drop down list to select the value you would like to search by. 

Allianz Care - basic_search

Searching by policy number or by employee ID is fastest possible way to search.

Note: The ‘Search’ button will only be available once you have entered a value in the ‘Search by’ field.

Advanced Search

The advanced search gives you more options to search by –

Allianz Care - Advanced_Search

When searching using the Surname or First Name you can select one of the following options -

  • The ‘Exact Match’ search option will look for members that precisely match the search values entered.

  • The ‘Starts With’ search option will look for members whose First Name or Surname begins with the letters entered in those fields, for example ‘Jon’ will return ‘Jones’, ‘Jonston’, ‘Jonas’ etc.

    Important Notes:

  • At least two characters in one or more search fields must be entered in order to use the advanced search.

  • The ‘Group Name/Type (ID)’ field will only be displayed if you have restricted group access, in which case it will only list those groups you have access to.

  • If you have unrestricted group access, this field will not be displayed at all.

  • You can clear all current search values by pressing the ‘Clear All’ button. This will reset the search screen for you.

  • You can return to the ‘Basic Search’ by clicking on the link ‘Basic Search’.

Search Results

The results of the Basic Search and the Advanced Search will be displayed in the same way, that is, in the format of a table.

Allianz Care - Search_results
  • The results may be sorted based on each of the column headings -

    Click the column heading once to sort the results in ascending order, click again to sort in descending order.

  • You may page through the search results by –
Allianz Care - pag_arrows
  • Using the pagination arrows -

    Click   |<   to go to the first page of the results table
    Click   >|   to go to the last page of the results table
    Click   >    to go to the next page of the results table
    Click   <    to got to the previous page of the results table

  • Clicking on the required page number