Whether you are an insured member, a group scheme manager, an intermediary or a healthcare provider, here you will find all the forms, advice and further information you need.

Member support services

If you are an individual or group scheme member already insured with us, here you will find all the popular member resources including:

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  • MyHealth app
  • Claim Forms
  • Treatment Guarantee Form 
  • Dental Plan Questionnaire
  • Direct Debit Mandate

  • Guide to Online Services
  • Health advice
  • Medical Provider Finder
  • BMI Calculator
  • FAQs

Employer support services

Here you will find our most popular resources for group scheme managers, including:

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  • Your Online Services
  • Corporate Assistance Brochure
  • IGO and NGO brochure
  • Guide to Evacuation & Repatriation Brochure
  • Underwritten Group Scheme Application Form
  • Cost containment practices
  • Membership Pack
  • FAQs

Insurance partner support services

Local and international intermediaries can access a range of resources, including:

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  • Preliminary Underwriting Medical Enquiry Form
  • Checklist for tenders
  • Registered intermediaries can request our logo
  • Member resources
  • Organisation resources

Healthcare provider support services

Healthcare Providers can find our Guide to Online Services, key forms and more here. Resources include:

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  • Medical Provider Claim Form
  • Treatment Guarantee Form
  • Guide to Online Services
  • Request a contracted provider logo

Provider finder

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Global medical providers

Use this directory to find hospitals, doctors and health practitioners worldwide.

Remember, you are not restricted to using the providers listed in this directory.

BMI Calculator

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Discover your ideal weight

Excess body fat is related to serious health conditions. Our Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator estimates body fat based on height and weight. The results will guide you towards the ideal weight for you and your children and the steps you can take to achieve a healthy lifestyle.