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With a free market economy, Mexico is considered to be the 12th largest economy worldwide as measured in the purchasing power parity of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 

Generally speaking, the healthcare in Mexico is very impressive, and in some cases, excellent. Private healthcare is growing rapidly driven by increasing disposable income and popular demand for personal choice and ease of access to higher quality services. Healthcare costs are relatively cost-effective compared with its immediate neighbour the USA. The country is self-sufficient and manages all its health care funding requirements from domestic revenue sources.

Mexican healthcare at a glance

Most of the healthcare practitioners in Mexico have been trained in western countries. Mid-sized and larger cities in Mexico have at least one first-rate hospital and the cost of healthcare is generally lower than one might expect to pay in the US. This being the case, a lot of North Americans travel to Mexico for simple dental work or minor surgeries. The same applies for prescription drugs. On average, prescription drugs that are manufactured in Mexico are about 50% cheaper compared to similar drugs manufactured in the United States. Aside from affordable costs, larger centres in Mexico offer first class restaurants plus a full range of healthcare services. Medical practitioners will also consider doing house calls, depending on the situation.

Generally speaking, the cost of medical care services vary by hospital, by physician, or by the seriousness of one’s condition.

Healthcare planning in Mexico

The development of the healthcare system in Mexico is being carefully planned. This includes equipping hospitals with the latest in medical technology. Aside from having excellent medical practitioners and accommodating medical staff, the healthcare system of Mexico has continuously made a name for itself as one of the few countries that provide relatively affordable, quality healthcare. From medicines to medical services, everything is surprisingly just within one’s reach.

Some health concerns in Mexico 

Compared to other countries, there are some health risks more evident and prominent in Mexico, simply because of its lifestyle and culture. Mexico has shown a rapid increased in certain health problems due to pesticide use. In fact, this problem is starting to become a major area of concern, particularly in states like the Chiapas where 58% of the total population are engaged in agricultural work, including pesticide use. Although most of the residents are aware of the importance of safety precautions, those from outside these areas do not seem to appreciate or understand the possible dangers.

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