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Short Term Plans (Medical Travel Insurance)

Our Short term Health Insurance plan is specifically designed for employers who want to cover the medical emergency needs of their employees while they travel abroad on business.

Short-term Healthcare
Benefit Guide

  As a medical travel insurance product for businesses, it covers acute emergency medical treatments as outlined in the Benefit Guide. It provides the employees with peace of mind that they are covered for trips worldwide (outside their principal country of residence and their country of primary employment) in the event of a medical emergency.

Cover starts from only £0.86 | €1.04 | US$1.00 per employee per travel day.

Employees are covered for single or multiple trips up to a combined maximum of either,
  • 90 travel days per insurance year each
  • 300 travel days per insurance year each
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The table below shows details of the cover provided under the Short Term Healthcare Plan. Benefit amounts shown are per insured person per Insurance Year.

Employees are covered for emergency treatment only, subject to the benefit limits stated:

Overall cover

Maximum plan benefit
Maximum plan benefit
Maximum plan benefit
Maximum plan benefit

In-patient benefits

Hospital accommodation
Intensive care
Prescription drugs and materials
Surgical fees, including anaesthesia and operating theatre charges
Physician and therapist fees
Diagnostic tests
Private room
Full refund
Full refund
Full refund
Full refund
Full refund
Full refund

Other benefits

Day-care treatment
Out-patient surgery
Local ambulance
Medical evacuation
Repatriation of mortal remains

CT and MRI scans
(in-patient and out-patient treatment)
PET and CT-PET scans
(in-patient and out-patient treatment)
Full refund
Full refund
Full refund
Full refund
Full refund
Full refund

Out-patient benefits

Medical practitioner and specialist fees
Diagnostic tests
Prescription drugs
Emergency dental treatment
Full refund
Full refund
Full refund
Full refund

This Table of Benefits provides an outline of the cover we provide under this plan. Cover is subject to our policy terms and conditions, as detailed in our Short Term Healthcare Plan Benefit Guide, which is issued to members upon policy inception. For more detailed information, download the

Short-term Healthcare Benefit Guide

or contact Group Sales Support.

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